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"Thanks for your great hospitality and world class fishing. I have had the opportunity to experience a few lodges in the past few years, and Island Lake ranks at the very top. The fishing is world class... we were catching and releasing sometimes over 150 walleye a day between the 4 of us. We also landed some giant Northerns, including a number in the 10-20 lb range, and one that was 25 lbs. The Cabins are always spotless, the appliances work, and the boats and motors are always ready to go. Coupled with the fact that Jim is always there to give a helping hand; it makes for a memorable experience. We had 2 guys with us who had never fished before, and they are now hooked. We will be booking again soon for our 4th time up."
  -- Thanks again! Jay Kemp - Edmonton

"Bob and I had a great time at Island Lake. I caught 120 fish and Bob caught 90. WoW! The weather was beautiful and, of course your hospitality and gracious service are tops in the world! I have enclosed some fish-Pix and three enhanced maps of the lake I created on my computer. Thank you for the best week of fishing I ever had, and we'll be touch about next year's plan early after the holidays."
  --Brian Manning and Bob Klein, Fair Oaks, California  (Brian Manning submitted the maps used on this site.)

"Thank you for the experience of a lifetime. This being my first fishing trip, I cannot imagine catching more fish, larger fish, or finding kinder, more generous hosts. Tim & I were not even gone yet when we started making plans to come back.... as far as we are concerned, there is No other place in Canada to Fish.
...I was just looking at my pictures from my fishing trip with my brother-in-law and can't believe it's been 1 year. I just wanted to e-mail you to let you know that even after a year I still get goosebumps looking at the fish and thinking about how comfortable you made us. THANK YOU AGAIN FOR THE MEMORY OF A LIFETIME."

  -- Thank you for Everything. Jim Scoma

"Folks, Here are the pictures from an extremely memorable and excellent trip."
  -- Andrew Crawford, Jerry Brunka, Ernie Trompose, Brian Lade

"Thanks again for having us out at your lodge. We had such a great time. We wanted to share with you some of our pictures for your album and for your web site, and of course for your enjoyment. Hope you like them!"
  -- With Thanks, Mindy and Ty Verquin, Fort McMurray

"Your fishing camp was great! Fishing was Great! I like your dog 'Snow'. He is awesome! I wish I could have a dog like him. Your fishing camp is one I'll recommend to everyone..."
  -- Daniel Smithson - Edmonton, Alberta

"For everything you've done... for being the special people that you are. Thank you very much..."
  -- Robert and Bettye - Dallas, Texas

"Thank you for the exciting trip to your beautiful lodge. The fishing was excellent. I would recommend Island Lake Lodge to any one who enjoys the Great Outdoors of Northern Alberta..."
  -- Ty and Barb McCurdy - Edmonton, Alberta

"Thank you for the best fishing trip of my life. Thrilled to catch my biggest northern ever. I'll be back in 2001!..."
  -- Sharon Joy - Ottawa, Ontario

"Didn't get back until 2002 but the wait was worth it. Even caught a bigger northern than in 1998 - called him "super pike". Brought my brother and 2 nephews this time..... we made memories to last a life time!!!!"
  -- Sharon Joy - Ottawa, Ontario

"So pristine anybody can catch fish here. What makes it more wonderful are Jim and Gen. A place that you almost hope nobody finds..."
  -- Kinazlow - Chicago, Ill.

"Your hospitality was great. The fishing was great, and you definitely run a FIRST CLASS operation..."
  -- Klingensmith - Calgary, Alberta

Island Lake Lodge (Gen and Jim Comeau) wish to thank all of our clients for their submissions of testimonials, pictures and maps.

Please read the news article by Barry Thornton of the Northwest Outdoor Writers Association about his and his companions' trip to Island Lake Lodge.

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